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Calling From Vietnam

Calling to Vietnam

Making Calls while in Vietnam

Making Calls while in Vietnam

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General Tips for Making Phone Calls within Vietnam

Remember to always include the area code unless you are calling a number within your own area code. 

Mobile phone calls within Vietnam

Keep in mind that cellular phones have their own prefixes.  These need to be dialed regardless of whether you are calling from a mobile phone or a land line. 
 When calling within Vietnam, the proper calling format and cellular prefixes by provider are:

  • Vinaphone 091-xxx-xxxx
  • Mobiphone 090-xxx-xxxx
  • Viettel 098-xxx-xxxx
  • S-phone 095-xxx-xxxx
  • EVN-Telecom 096-xxx-xxxx

Receiving calls from abroad

Remember, the proper format for calling Vietnam from abroad is 011-84-cellular prefix-local number. 
For calls to Vietnamese cellular phone from abroad, dial:

  • Vinaphone 011-8491-xxx-xxxx
  • Mobiphone 011-84-90-xxx-xxxx
  • Viettel 011-84-98-xxx-xxxx
  • S-phone 011-84-95-xxx-xxxx
  • EVN-Telecom 011-85-96-xxx-xxxx

If you are calling a land line within Vietnam from abroad, simply substitute the area code for the cellular core. e.g. For a call to a Yen Bai, dial 011-84-29-xxx-xxxx.

Other calls and numbers

For local calls, do not dial area code.  Dial only the local number you wish to reach. e.g. xxx-xxxx
Note that calling a 1-800 number in the United States from Vietnam is not toll-free.  It carries the same charge as any overseas call.
However, there are some toll-free numbers used for public services in Vietnam:


  • 113Police
  • 114Fire
  • 115Ambulance


  • 116Directory Assistance
  • 110 Operator Assistance

Tips for Calling Internationally from Vietnam

If you are calling internationally from Vietnam, first dial 00, followed by the country code for the country you are trying to reach. Use international phone cards for the best bargains when calling from Vietnam. Calling from local post offices are cheaper than using your hotel’s telephone service, but calling cards still offer the best international rates.

For domestic calls, consider calling from the post office, where public phone service is affordable.  Another option is to buy a domestic phone card at the post office or any phone company branch.  You will usually get a rate of about 1,000 VND (5¢) per minute. Hotel phones are to be avoided; they are almost always significantly more expensive.

Internet phone service is another option, and it is available at most Internet cafes. The cards used may offer rates as low as 3,000 VND (20¢) per minute, but you may have to use them at the shop where you purchased them, and there may be a surcharge.  In addition, the phone quality varies widely, and there may be a delay.

Internet cafes are easy to find in urban Vietnam and rates tend to be very cheap, often less than 4,000 VND (25¢) per hour.  You may find service in rural areas, but rates will likely be higher. 


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