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Calling to Mexico

Making Calls while in Mexico

Making Calls while in Mexico

You can save time and pesos by using our Mexico calling cards and doing a little research before you call. Look no further because we've got the information you need.

General Tips for Calling to Mexico from the US

STEP 1: Dial 011, the international access code.

STEP 2: Dial 52, Mexico's country calling code.

STEP 3: Dial the 2-3-digit area code for the city you wish to call.

STEP 4: Dial the 7-8-digit local subscriber number you wish to call.

If you are having a hard time connecting, dial 00 for an international operator.


Instructions for Calling to Cities within Mexico

If you are calling a Mexican city from abroad, first dial the international access code (011 if you're calling from the U.S.), followed by Mexico's country code (52), the appropriate area code, and the local subscriber number. e.g. For an international call to the city of Merida, dial 011-52-999-xxx-xxxx.

For domestic long-distance calls, you must dial 01 before dialing the area code and subscriber number. e.g. For a call from Mexico City to Merida, dial 01-999-xxx-xxxx. For local calls, simply dial the subscriber number. e.g. xxx-xxxx.

Calling cellular phones is a little different. See Instructions for Calling to Cell Phones in Mexico" for instructions.

Here is a list of major area codes:

City City Code
Acapulco 744
Aguascalientes 449
Campeche 981
Cancun 998
Celaya 461
Celestun 988
Cihuatlan 315
Ciudad Jimenez 629
Cuidad Juarez 656
Colima 312
Comitan 963
Cordoba 271
Cuernavaca 777
Culiacan 667
Durango 618
Guadalajara 33
Guanajuato 473
La Paz 612
Lagunas 972
Leon 477
Manzanillo 314
Mexicali 686
Mexico City 55
Merida 999
Monterrey 81
Morelia 443
Oaxaca 951
Pachuca 771
Puebla 222
Puerto Vallarta 322
Salamanca 464
Saltillo 844
San Cristobal de Las Casas 967
San Luis Potosi 444
Santa Rosalia 615
Tecate 665
Tijuana 666
Tlaxcala 246
Todos Santos 612
Toluca 722
Torreon 871
Tulum 984
Tuxtla Gutierrez 961
Uruapan 452
Valladolid 985
Valpariso 457
Veracruz 229
Villahermosa 993
Zacatecas 492
Zamora 351
Zitacuaro 715

Instructions for Calling to Cell Phones in Mexico

Calling a Mexico cell phone is just a little trickier than calling a land line. Mexican cellular phones now operate on the Calling Party Pays (CPP) system; whoever initiates a call pays for it. When dialed within its local area, mobile phone numbers use the designated prefix 044. e.g. If calling within area code 33, a Guadalajara mobile phone would be dialed as: 044-33-xxxx xxxx. If you are calling a cell phone in a Mexican area code different from your own, you need to include the prefix 045. e.g. For a call from Guadalajara to a Mexico City mobile phone, dial 045-55-xxxx-xxxx. International calls to Mexican cell phones are dialed like regular international calls. e.g. To call a Mexico City mobile phone from the U.S., dial 011 + 52 + 1 + area code + number.


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