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Calling to USA

Making Calls while in USA

Making Calls while in USA

It’s easy to save money calling to and from the U.S.A.  One way is to use our U.S. calling cards. Another way is to keep reading for great tips!

General Tips for Calling to the U.S.A. from abroad

STEP 1: Dial the international access code (00 in many countries).

STEP 2: Dial the U.S.A.’s country code, 1.

STEP 3: Dial the area code (3 digits).

STEP 4: Dial the local subscriber number (7 digits).

If you are unable to connect, dial 00 for the aid of an international operator. 

Instructions for Calling to Cities within the U.S.A.

If you are calling a city in the U.S.A. from abroad, be sure to begin with the international access code of the country you’re calling from, followed by the U.S.A’s country code, 1.  Next, you’ll need to dial the area code and local subscriber number.  e.g. For a call to Boston from London, begin with 00 (the UK’s international access code), followed by 1-617-xxx-xxxx.  For a call to Las Vegas from London, dial 00-1-702-xxx-xxxx.

If you are calling domestic long-distance, simply dial 1, followed by the area code and subscriber number.  e.g. For a call from Boston to Las Vegas, dial 1-702-xxx-xxxx.  For local calls, many states require that you still dial 1 and the area code before the subscriber number.  In a handful of states, you can simply dial the 7-digit subscriber number, but you can also use the longer format.  e.g. For a local call within downtown Chicago, you may dial just the subscriber number, xxx-xxxx, or 1-312-xxx-xxxx.  Either works!  Remember that this applies to just a few states; most states require that you dial 1 and the area code before the subscriber number: 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Here is a list of major area codes in the U.S.A.:

CityCity Code 
Atlanta 404 
Birmingham 205 
Boston 617 
Chicago 312, 773 
Cleveland 216 
Denver 303 
Detroit 313 
Hawaii (state)808 
Houston 713 
Indianapolis 317 
Los Angeles 310, 213 
Louisville 502 
Miami 305 
Milwaukee 414 
Minneapolis 612 
Newark 201 
New Haven 203 
New Orleans 504 
New York City 212, 718, 917,  
Nevada (state)702 
Omaha 402 
Orlando 407 
Philadelphia 215 
Phoenix 602 
Raleigh 919 
St. Louis 314 
San Antonio 210 
San Diego 619 
San Francisco 415, 650 
San Jose 408 
Washington, DC 202 
Wichita 316 

Instructions for Calling to Cell Phones in the U.S.A.

Calling a cellular phone in the U.S.A. is simple – it’s no different from calling a land line.  Cellular phones have area codes based on their primary calling area.  As with calling a land line internationally, you would need to dial the international access code, country code, area code, and subscriber number to reach an American cell phone from abroad. e.g. For a call from Mexico City to a cell phone in San Diego, dial 00-1-619-xxx-xxxx.  If calling the same cell phone from within the U.S., simply dial 1-619-xxx-xxxx. 


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