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Calling to Costa Rica

Making Calls while in Costa Rica

Other Information about Long Distance Calling To/From Costa Rica

Use our tips to save money and time—and make the most of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches and lush jungles! Make the most of your dollars with our Costa Rica calling cards.

General Tips for Calling to Costa Rica from the US

STEP 1: Dial the international access code, 011

STEP 2: Dial Costa Rica’s country code, 506.

STEP 3: Dial the telephone number you are trying to reach.

If you can’t connect, dial 00 to reach an international operator.

Instructions for Calling to Cities within Costa Rica

If you are calling Costa Rica from abroad, dial 011-506-xxx-xxxx. Remember, there is no area code to dial between the country code and local number. When calling within Costa Rica, simply dial the local number you are trying to reach.

Instructions for Calling to Cell Phones in Costa Rica

If you are calling a cellular phone in Costa Rica from abroad, be sure to dial 011-506 before dialing the local number. If you are calling a Costa Rican cell phone from within the country, simply dial the local number.


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