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Calling to Myanmar

Making Calls while in Mexico

Making Calls while in Mexico

Calling Myanmar is simple.  Start with the basics, and buy a Myanmar calling card to save cash!

General Tips for Calling to Myanmar from Abroad

STEP 1: Dial the international access code

STEP 2: Dial the country code for Myanmar: 95

STEP 3: Dial the 1-2-digit area code

STEP 4: Dial the 5-6-digit local subscriber number

If you are having trouble connecting, dial 00 for an international operator.

Instructions for Calling to Cities within Myanmar

Don’t forget to first dial the international access code (011 in the U.S.) if you are calling Myanmar internationally.  Follow this with the country code, area code, and local subscriber number that you are trying to reach.  e.g. For a call to Mandalay from Chicago dial 011-95-2-xxx-xxx.  For domestic calls to larger cities in Myanmar, dial the area code and subscriber number.  e.g. For a call to Yangon from Prome, dial 1-xxx-xxx.  Smaller towns still use manual switchboards; you will need to connect through an operator.  For local calls within larger cities, simply dial the 5-6-digit subscriber numbers.

Here is a list of major area codes:

CityCity Code 
Mandalay 2 
Yangon 1 

Instructions for Calling to Cell Phones in Myanmar

If you are calling a cellular phone in Myanmar, always dial the cellular prefix 9 in place of the area code.  e.g. 9-xxx-xxx.

For international calls to cell phones in Myanmar, dial the international access code, country code, cellular prefix, and subscriber number.  e.g. 011-95-9-xxx-xxx.


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