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Calling to Pakistan

Making Calls while in Pakistan

Making Calls while in Pakistan

Want to call Pakistan in the cheapest, easiest way possible? Use a Pakistan phone card, and then learn the basics.

General Tips for Calling Pakistan from the US

STEP 1: Dial the U.S.’s international access code, 011.

STEP 2: Dial the country code for Pakistan, 92.

STEP 3: Dial an area code of between 2 and 5 digits.

STEP 4: Dial a local subscriber number of between 4 and 7 digits.

If you still can’t connect, dial 00 for the assistance of an international operator.

Instructions for Calling to Cities within Pakistan

For international calls to Pakistan, dial your international access code first (011 in the U.S.), followed by the country code of 92.   After the country code, dial the area code and subscriber number you need to call.  e.g. For a call to Quetta, dial, 011-92-81-xxx-xxxx.
For a domestic long distance call to Quetta, be sure to dial a 0 before the area code: 0-81-xxx-xxxx.  If you’re calling locally within the same area code, dial only the 4-7-digit subscriber number.
Here are area codes for major cities in Pakistan:

CityCity Code 
Bahawal Pur621 
Faisalabad 41 
Gujranwala 431 
Hyderabad 221 
Islamabad 51 
Karachi 21 
Lahore 42 
Multan 61 
Peshawar 521 
Quetta 81 
Sargodha 451 
Sialkot 432 

Instructions for Calling to Cell Phones in Pakistan

All cell phone numbers in Pakistan have 7-digit subscriber numbers, but you must always dial a 3-digit cellular provider prefix first.  Remember to also include a preliminary 0 if you are calling long distance domestically.


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