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Calling to India

Making Calls while in India

Other Information about Long Distance Calling To/From India

With its amazing diversity and fascinating history, India is a place you should get to know. The telecommunication basics are a fine place to start!

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General Tips for Calling to India from the US

STEP 1: Dial 011, the international access code.

STEP 2: Dial the country code for India, 91.

STEP 3: Dial the area code for the city you wish to reach (2-4 digits).

STEP 4: Dial the local telephone number you wish to reach (6-8 digits).

If you still can’t connect, dial 00 to reach an international operator.

Instructions for Calling to Cities within India

If you are calling India from abroad, first dial the international access code (011 in the U.S.), followed by the country code of 91, area code, and local telephone number. e.g. For a call to Delhi, dial 011-91-11-xxxx-xxxx. If you are calling Delhi from another city in India, simply drop the access and country codes and dial a 0 before the area code: 011-xxxx-xxxx. If you are calling locally in Delhi, dial only the local number: xxxx-xxxx.

Here is a list of major area codes:

CityCity Code 
Abohar 1634  
Achrol 1426  
Agra 562  
Ahmedabad 79  
Ahmednagar 241  
Ajmer 145  
Akola 724  
Amritsar 183  
Asanol 341  
Asind 1480  
Badrinath 1381  
Bangalore 80  
Bhagalpur 641  
Bhatinda 164  
Bhavnagar 278  
Bhopal 755  
Bhubneshwar 674  
Bikaner 151  
Bombay (Mumbai) 22  
Bundi 747  
Burdwan 342  
Calcutta (Kolkata) 33  
Chandigarh 172  
Chennai 44  
Chirawa 1596  
Cuttack 671  
Darjeeling 354  
Delhi 11  
Dhanbad 326  
Dindigul 451  
Durgapur 343  
Erode 424  
Faridabad 129  
Gangotri 1377  
Gaya 631  
Ghaziabad 120  
Ghazipur 548  
Gorakhpur 551  
Hapur 122  
Hyderabad 40  
Jaipur 141  
Jalandhar 181  
Jodhpur 291  
Kanpur 512  
Kolkata 33  
Kumbakonam 435  
Lucknow 522  
Madras 44  
Meerut 121  
Mumbai 22  
Nasikcity 253  
Nelloe 861  
Ootacamund 423  
Panji 832  
Patna 612  
Pondicherry 413  
Porbander 286  
Pune 212  
Rajahmundri 883  
Rajkot 281  
Rampur 595  
Salem 427  
Sambalpur 663  
Samrala 162  
Shimla 177  
Siliguri 353  
Surat 261  
Syunsi 1348  
Tinsukia 374  
Tirupathi 877  
Tirupur 421  
Udaipur 294  
Ujjain 734  
Vadodara 265  
Vallore 416  

Instructions for Calling to Cell Phones in India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has divided India into different cellular zones or circles. A call is treated as a local call within each circle, while calls that cross circles are considered long-distance. These cellular zones are normally the entire state, with some exceptions like Mumbai (which is its own zone), Goa (which is a part of the Maharashtra zone) or Uttar Pradesh (which is so big it consists of multiple zones)

Calling a cellular phone in India is as easy as calling a land line. The only difference is that cell phones require network codes rather than area codes. Cell phone network codes are 2-digit prefixes that always begin with a 9. The 2-digit zone code is also part of a cell phone number and is followed by a 6-digit subscriber number.


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