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Calling To/From Taiwan Long Distance

Calling to Taiwan

Making Calls while in Taiwan

Making Calls while in Taiwan

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Information About Taiwan Telephone System

Taiwan has a completely digitalized modern telecommunications system, with over 13 million land lines and over 22 million cellular lines in use.

Important Phone Numbers To Know if Traveling to Taiwan

There are no embassies in Taiwan. All embassies are located in Beijing, China.  However, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) is authorized by law to perform American citizen services.  The American Institute in Taiwan is a full passport services agency. Processing time for routine passports is about two weeks.  The American Institute in Taiwan is located at No.7 Lane 134, Hsin Yi Road Section 3, Taipei, Taiwan, telephone: (886) 2-2162-2000; fax: (886) 2-2162-2239, website: The American Institute in Taiwan branch office is located at No. 2 Chung Cheng 3rd Road, 5th Floor, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, telephone: (886) 7-238-7744; fax: (886) 7-238-5237.  AIT's citizen services section can also be contacted by e-mail at In case of emergencies after working hours, the duty officer at the American Institute in Taiwan at Taipei may be contacted at (886) 2-2162-2013.

The U.S. embassy in Beijing is in Ritan at Xuishui Dong Kie 2 (tel. 010/6532-3431) and is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4 pm.  The embassy is set to move in 2008 to a site next to the Hilton Hotel outside the north section of the East Third Ring Road.  The U.S. also has consulates in Chengdu (at Lingshiguan Lu 4, tel. 028/8558-3992,, Guangzhou (Shamian Nan Lu 1, tel. 020/8121/8000), Shanghai (Huaihai Zhong Lu 1469, tel. 021/6433-6880), and Shenyang (Shisi Wei Lu and Bei San Jing Jie, tel;. 024/2322-1198).   

Other Important Information to Know About Taiwan

Time Zone:

GMT + 8.00. Current time in Taipei


One U.S. dollar is equivalent to 33.2 Taiwanese newdollars, while one British pound is equivalent to 66.2 new dollars.  Current exchange rate for Taiwanese new dollar.


22,900,000 (98% Han Chinese, 2% Taiwanese Aborigines)


Major public holidays in Taiwan include Founding Day (January 1st), Peace Memorial Day (February 28th), Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day, April 5th), Double Tenth Day (October 10th), Chinese New York, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Chinese New Year’s.


Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Taiwan.  However, most Taiwanese citizens also speak Taiwanese, a variant of the Min Nan dialect spoken in China’s Fujian province.  English is a common second language.


Taiwan has a subtropical climate.  The ocean breezes result in higher humidity but also pleasant breezes.  Weather is warm and pleasant year-round, though the spring months can be rainy.  Taiwan does have seasonal variations, but they are not dramatic.  Winter and autumn are cooler, while summers can be hot.

Fun Facts About Taiwan

  • The main island o f Taiwan is also known as Formosa.  The name means “beautiful island” in Portuguese.
  • The National Palace Museum is home to more than 650,000 pieces of Chinese bronze, jade, painting, and calligraphy.  The collection is estimated to be 10% of China’s national treasures.
  • Cheerleading, billiards, and badminton are popular past-times in Taiwan.
  • Taiwan’s many convenience stores feature government services such as the collection of parking fees and utility bills.
  • The mountain resort of Alishan makes for a refreshing side trip.
  • There are many ways to travel within Taiwan; air, rail, and bus travel are all good options depending upon your budget and travel plans.
  • The Chung Tai Chan Temple is an academic center for Buddhist research and arts.  It sits on a 60-acre lotus hill outside Puli.  Nuns at the temple act as tour guides for visitors.
  • Taipei is a lively city full of people, cars, and excellent food.  You wouldn’t guess by looking at it, but the city is only a century old!
  • Taroko Gorge is an amazing canyon.  The park features an abundance of hiking trails, hot springs, shrines, and temples.
  • Pork, rice, and soy comprise many Taiwanese dishes.
  • Try to visit some of Taiwan’s famous hot springs.
  • Puppet theatre is popular across Taiwan and has been revitalized by younger generations.
  • Bubble tea is a Taiwanese specialty that has been popularized across the world.  The bubbles refer to tapioca balls in the tea.

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