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Calling From Taiwan

Calling to Taiwan

Making Calls while in Taiwan

Making Calls while in Taiwan

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General Tips for Making Phone Calls within Taiwan

Don’t forget to dial the preliminary 0 for any domestic long-distance calls within Taiwan.  Follow this with the 1-2-digit area code or 2-digit cellular prefix.  If you are calling locally, dial only the 7-8-digit subscriber number.

Mobile phone calls within Taiwan

Taiwanese cellular phones have 2-digit cellular prefixes that begin with the number 9.  These are always followed by 7-digit subscriber numbers.  Always include a preliminary 0 for domestic calls.  e.g. For a domestic call to a cellular phone in Taiwan, dial 0-9x-xxx-xxxx.  For an international call from London to a cellular phone in Taiwan, dial 00-886-9x-xxx-xxxx.

Receiving calls from abroad

If you are calling Taiwan internationally, always dial the international access code and country code, followed by the area code and subscriber number.  Do not dial the preliminary 0 for international calls.  e.g.  For a call to Talin from New York, dial 011-886-5-xxx-xxxx.

Other calls and numbers

For local calls, simply dial the 7-8-digit subscriber number. 
Toll-free numbers in Taiwan always begin with 80 or 800.  Be sure to include the preliminary 0 when you call these numbers within Taiwan.  Remember that these calls will carry an international charge if you call from outside Taiwan.

  • 0-80-xxx-xxxx
  • 0-800-xxx-xxx

Below, find several toll-free numbers that are used for public services in Taiwan:

  • 110 Police
  • 119Ambulance & Fire

Directory and operator assistance numbers depend upon the telephone provider in Taiwan:

  • 104 Local Directory Assistance
  • 105Long Distance Directory Assistance
  • 100International Operator Assistance
  • 117 Time
  • 166 Weather

Tips for Calling Internationally from Taiwan

Taiwan’s international access code is 002.  For international calls from the country, always follow that with the country code for the country you are calling, area code, and subscriber number.  e.g. For a call to a Boston phone from Taipei, dial 002-1-617-xxx-xxxx.
Public phones in Taiwan are either coin-operated or card-operated.  Coin phones accept coins in denominations of NT$1, NT$5, and NT10.  For local calls, NT$1 buys one minute of phone time.  Phone cards are divided into magnetic strip stored value cards and IC stored value cards.  These can be used all over Taiwan.  Magnetic strip cards are sold for NT$100 each, while IC cards are available in NT$200 and NT$300 versions.  You can purchase the cards in railway stations, bus stations, scenic spots, and convenience stores. Phone cards are the most efficient option for long distance calls.  Hotels charge a good deal more than you would pay at a public telephone.
Internet cafes are easy to find in Taiwan.  They range from well-equipped chains in Taipei to local outlets with slower connections in less urban areas. 


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