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Calling From South Korea

Calling to South Korea

Making Calls while in Pakistan

Making Calls while in Pakistan

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General Tips for Making Phone Calls within South Korea

The most important thing to remember when calling within South Korea is to dial a preliminary 0 for any domestic long-distance calls.  This should always be followed by the 1-2-digit area code or 2-digit cellular prefix.  For local calls, simply dial the 6-7-digit subscriber number.  It’s easy!

Mobile phone calls within South Korea

All cellular phones have 2-digit cellular prefixes followed by 6-digit subscriber numbers.  The cellular prefixes always begin with a 1.  Remember to always dial a 0 first for domestic calls.  The cellular codes are as follows:

  • 10-xxx-xxx
  • 11-xxx-xxx
  • 12-xxx-xxx
  • 15-xxx-xxx
  • 16-xxx-xxx
  • 17-xxx-xxx
  • 18-xxx-xxx
  • 19-xxx-xxx

Receiving calls from abroad

For international calls to South Korea, always begin with the international access code and country code, followed by the area code and subscriber number.  Do not include the preliminary 0 before the area code.  This is only necessary for domestic calls.

  • 011-82-xx-xxx-xxx
  • 011-82-x-xxx-xxxx
  • 00-82-xx-xxx-xxx
  • 00-82-x-xxx-xxxx

Other calls and numbers

Remember that for local calls, you only need to dial the 6-7-digit subscriber number. 
Toll-free numbers in South Korea begin with 80.  Always dial a preliminary 0 before dialing these numbers in Korea.

  • 0-80-xxx-xxx

Calling these numbers from outside of South Korea will carry the cost of any other international call.
Other toll-free numbers are reserved for public services in South Korea:


  • 112 Police
  • 119Ambulance & Fire

Directory and operator assistance numbers depend upon the telephone provider in South Korea:

  • 100 KT customer center
  • 101LG Dacom customer center
  • 106 Hanaro Telecom customer center

Tips for Calling Internationally from South Korea

South Korea’s international access code is a 3-digit number that beings with 00.  The third digit depends upon the long distance provider:

  • 001KT international call
  • 002LG Dacom international call
  • 005 Hanaro Telecom international call
  • 006 SK Telink international call
  • 008 Onse Telecom international call

International calls from cellular phones may have longer access codes:

  • 003xx international call
  • 007xx international call

These codes should always be followed the country code of the country you are trying to reach, the area code, and the local subscriber number.  e.g. For a call from a South Korean land line to a New York phone using SK Telink, dial 006-1-212-xxx-xxxx.

Most Korean pay phones only accept phone cards.  These cards are sold in bus stations, subway stations and 24-hour convenience stores. Though normally sold in denominations of W3000, W5000 and W10000, they are always discounted to W2900, W4800 and W9500 respectively.  The quality of these cards is not good; buy the lowest denomination so you don’t lose out when the card cracks. 

Older payphones do accept coins.  You may find that the phone is off the hook when you arrive to use it, but don’t hang up! The last person who used it may have left it off to allow the next person to use their remaining credit.  Keep in mind that these types of phones can only be used to make local calls.

Some Korean pay phones accept coins and credit cards.  Remember that calls are discounted about 30% on Saturdays, holidays and from 9pm to 8am on weekdays. Phone cards can make these calls even more affordable.

Internet cafes are plentiful throughout South Korea, and most large hotels also offer Internet access.  Internet services are usually cheap, and the connections tend to be very good. 


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