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Calling From Pakistan

Calling to Pakistan

Making Calls while in Pakistan

Making Calls while in Pakistan

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General Tips for Making Phone Calls within Pakistan

Always dial a 0 first if you are calling long-distance within Pakistan.  Calling locally?  That’s even easier: just dial the 4-7 digit subscriber number.   

Mobile phone calls within Pakistan

Cellular phone numbers in Pakistan have 10 digits in total.  This includes a 3-digit cellular provider code and a 7-digit subscriber number.

Here are the cellular prefixes for different operators in Pakistan:

    Mobilink: 300, 301, 302, 306, 307
    Paktel: 303, 304
    Instaphone: 320
    Warid Telecom: 321, 322
    Ufone: 333, 334
    Telenor: 344, 345, 346

For example, if you wanted to call an Instaphone cellular phone number from within Pakistan, you would dial 0-320-xxx-xxxx.  Don’t forget the preliminary 0!

Receiving calls from abroad

Always dial the international access code (011 in the U.S.) followed by the country code (92 in Pakistan), area code, and subscriber number for international call.  e.g. For a call to Lahore, dial 011-92-42-xxx-xxxx.  For an international call to a Pakistani cell phone, dial the cell phone provider prefix instead of an area code.  e.g. For a call to a Ufone cellular phone number, you might dial 011-92-333--xxx-xxxx.

Other calls and numbers

If you are calling a land line locally, you only need to dial the local subscriber number (4-7 digits).

Toll-free numbers in Pakistan begin with 0800.  e.g. 0800-xxx-xx. 

If you call an American 1-800 numbers from within Pakistan, be prepared for high costs.  Foreign toll-free numbers are anything but toll-free in Pakistan!

Other toll-free numbers are reserved for public services:


  • 115 Ambulance
  • 15 Police
  • 16 Fire

Other Services:

  • 17 Directory Assistance
  • 14 Time Inquiry

Tips for Calling Internationally from the Pakistan

If you are calling internationally from Pakistan, dial 00, the country code for the country you are calling, any required area code, and the local subscriber number.  e.g. Dial 011-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx to reach a American phone number.
Do not use the telephone in your hotel room for calls, especially if they are long-distance.  Some hotels charge up to a 150% surcharge.  Purchase a phone card and find a public telephone.  They are usually easy to locate in hotel lobbies and public shopping centers. 
You should be able to find Internet access in Pakistan’s urban areas, but it’s unlikely in less populated parts.  Keep in mind that the Pakistani government censors all Internet content.  You may not be able to view some of your favorite sites; a number of popular social networking sites are blocked.


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