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Calling From Myanmar

Calling to Myanmar

Making Calls while in Mexico

Making Calls while in Mexico

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General Tips for Making Phone Calls within Myanmar

Always include the 1-2-digit area code for calls to larger cities.  Remember that you may need the assistance of an operator if you are calling to or from a smaller town.  Operator numbers vary by town.

Mobile phone calls within Myanmar

Cellular phone numbers in Myanmar always begin with the cellular prefix 9, followed by the subscriber number: 9-xxx-xxx.

Receiving calls from abroad

For calls to Myanmar from abroad, dial the international access code and country code, followed by the area code and subscriber number.  e.g.  For a call to Pegu from London, dial 00-95-52-xx-xxx.

Other calls and numbers

Myanmar reserves some toll-free numbers for emergency services:

  • 192 Ambulance
  • 199 Police
  • 191 Fire

Tips for Calling Internationally from Myanmar

To call internationally from Myanmar, first dial the access code of 00.  Then dial the country code for the country you are calling, area code, and subscriber number.  e.g. For a call to a New York phone from Yangon dial 00-1-212-xxx-xxxx.

The Central Telephone & Telegraph (CTT) office in Yangon (Rangoon) on the corner of Pansodan and Mahabandoola Streets is the only public place in the country where international telephone calls can be conveniently arranged. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8am –  4pm.  On weekends and holidays, it is open from 9am – 2pm.  International calls can be pricy, but phone cards can help defray costs.

If you wish to use your own cellular phone in Myanmar, you must receive permission before your arrival or your phone may be confiscated at customs.

The military government limits and monitors Internet use in Burma.  Several cyber cafes are open in urban areas, but access to the Internet is very expensive.  Furthermore, the government prohibits access to most “free” international e-mail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo. Currently, gmail (Google mail) accounts can be accessed in Burma, and many locals and resident expatriates use it.  Tourists may bring in one laptop computer per person and must declare it upon arrival.  Some of the larger hotels offer limited Internet service.  However, keep in mind that e-mails are read by military intelligence.  Be careful sending photographs via email.  One foreign visitor was presented a bill for $2,000.00 after transmitting one photograph via a major hotel's e-mail system.


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