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Calling From Italy

Calling to Italy

Making Calls while in Italy

Other Information about Long Distance Calling To/From Italy

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General Tips for Making Phone Calls within Italy

Remember to always include the preliminary 0 in the area codes of land lines; however, cellular phones do not use this preliminary 0. 

Mobile phone calls within Italy

Cellular phone numbers in Italy must include a 3-digit cellular prefix that begins with 3. You must include this prefix for all calls. e.g. 3xx-xxx-xxx.

Receiving calls from abroad

For international calls to Italian land lines, dial the international access code, country code, area code, and local subscriber number. e.g. For a call to Venice from the U.S., dial 011-39-041-xxx-xxxx.

For international calls to Italian cell phones, dial the international access code, country code, cellular prefix, and local subscriber number. e.g. For a call to an Italian cell phone from the U.S., dial 011-39-3xx-xxx-xxx.

Other calls and numbers

If calling an Italyi main line within your own city, do not dial the city code.  Dial only the local number. e.g. xxx-xxxx

Toll-free numbers in Italy begin with the prefixes 800 and 803.

  • 800-xxx-xxx
  • 803-xxx-xxx

Be prepared to pay international rates if you call a foreign toll-free number from Italy. These will be billed just as any other international call would be billed.

The following toll-free numbers are reserved for public services:

  • 113 Police
  • 118 Ambulance
  • 115 Fire
  • 112 Carabinieri (military police)


  • 12 National Directory Assistance
  • 176 International Directory Assistance (costs 80¢ a call)

Tips for Calling Internationally from Italy

If you want to call internationally from Italy, first dial 00, Italy’s international access code. Then dial the country code of the country you are calling (the U.S. and Canada use 1), the area code, and the local subscriber number. e.g. For a call to the U.S. from Italy, dial 00-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx.
Most public telephones in Italy accept coins, phone cards (scheda or carta telefonica), or both. Phone cards that are inserted into public phones can be purchased at kiosks in increments of 5,10, or 20 euros. You can also purchase international phone cards (these are not inserted into the phone itself but rather give you a code to dial). A calling card is your best bet, especially for non-local calls. It can be impossible to feed coins quickly enough to stay connected.


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