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Calling From Israel

Calling to Israel

Making Calls while in Israel

Other Information about Long Distance Calling To/From Israel

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General Tips for Making Phone Calls within Israel

In general, the formats for making calls to Israel or within Israel depend upon the location of the caller and whether the phones being used are cellular or main lines. 

Mobile phone calls within Israel

Due to the growing demand for cellular phones, the Ministry of Communications initiated the addition of a seventh digit to all cellular phone numbers in 2004. This digit depends upon the cellular provider.  Also, when calling an Israeli phone from within Israel, always dial 0 before the city code or cellular prefix.  
 The proper calling format and cellular prefixes by provider are:
Cellcom: 052-xxx-xxxx 
Pelephone: 050-xxx-xxxx
Orange: 054-xxx-xxxx
Mirs: 057-xxx-xxxx
PalTel (Palestinian telcom): 059-xxx-xxxx

Receiving calls from abroad

Be sure to exclude the 0 before the cellular prefix or city code if you are calling from outside of Israel. 
For calls to Israeli cellular phone from abroad, the correct formats are:
Cellcom: 011-972-52-xxx-xxxx
Pelephone: 011-972-50-xxx-xxxx
Orange: 011-972-54-xxx-xxxx
Mirs: 011-972-57-xxx-xxxx
PalTel (Palestinian telcom): 011-972-59-xxx-xxxx
For calls to Israeli main lines, dial 011-972-city code- xxx-xxxx.  e.g. For a call to Haifa, dial 011-972-4 before dialing the local number.  For a call to Tel Aviv, dial 011-972-3 before dialing the local number.

Other calls and numbers

If calling an Israeli main line within your own city, do not dial the city code.  Dial only the local number. e.g. xxx-xxxx
Toll-free numbers in Israel have prefixes of 177 and 1-800.

  • 1-800 xxx-xxxx
  • 177-xxx—xxxx

Keep in mind that calling a 1-800 number in the United States from Israel is not toll-free.  It carries the same charge as any overseas call.
Some of the reserved, toll-free special numbers are:

  • 100 Police
  • 101 Medical Emergency/Ambulance (Magen David Adom, equivalent to the Red Cross)
  • 102 Fire


  • 144 Directory Assistance within Israel (Similar to 411 in the US)
  • 188 Overseas Operator (for numbers outside of Israel
  • 142 Collect Calls

Tips for Calling Internationally from Israel

To make international calls from Israel, first dial 00, followed by the country code (1 for the U.S. and Canada), area code, and local number.
If you're calling with a phone card the instruction card will tell you to dial 012, 013, or 014 for overseas; then dial your number starting with the country code. These access codes, used in place of the 00, vary depending upon the company used. The companies and their access codes are the following:

  • Kavei Zahav ("Golden Lines"): 012
  • Barak: 013
  • Bezeq International: 014
  • Smile: 015
  • Netvision: 017
  • XFONE: 018

Local pay phones are easy to find in Israeli cities. Most public pay phones require phone cards that are purchased in units of 20, 50, and 100. One unit is sufficient for one 3-minute local phone call so a short call can cost as little as 20 cents. Phone cards can be purchased at post offices, newsstands, and hotels. For the most cost-effective rates, you’re your calls after 9 pm and during Shabbat (from sundown Friday to just after nightfall on Saturday). A very small number of pay phones accept shekels, and these are often located in cafes or restaurants. Rates tend to be higher on these phones than on those that require phone cards.
Cybercafes and Internet centers are easy to find in Israel, and free Wi-Fi zones can be found in major cities.


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