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Calling To/From Haiti Long Distance

Calling to Haiti

Making Calls while in Haiti

Other Information about Long Distance Calling To/From Haiti

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Information About Haiti Telephone System

Haiti’s telecommunication system connects over 115,000 land lines and more than 250,000 cellular lines.

Important Phone Numbers To Know if Traveling to Haiti

For Americans traveling to Haiti, the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy is located in Port-au-Prince at 104, rue Oswald Durand. The telephone numbers are (509) 223-7011, 223-6440, 223-6443, 223-6421, 223-6426, 223-6424, 223-6407, 223-7008, 222-0200.  The fax number is (509) 223-9665, and the email address is Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Consular Section is closed on U.S. and local holidays. The U.S. Embassy is located at 5 Blvd. Harry Truman, Port-au-Prince; telephone (509) 222-0200, 222-0354, 223-0955 or 222-0269; fax (509) 223-1641. Internet:


Other Important Information to Know About Haiti

Time Zone:

MT + 7.00. Current time in Phnom Penh.


ne U.S. dollar is worth 3,966 Cambodian riels. One British pound is currently equal to 7,931 riels Current exchange rate for Cambodian riel.


4,971,000 (more than 90% Khmer, small numbers of Chinese, Vietnamese, Cham, Khmer Loeu, and Indian)


ndependence Day is November 9 (1953) and is celebrated as widely as the 4th of July in the U.S. October 31 is King Sihanouk's Birthday, and Khmer New Year is in the middle of the month in April. Water festivals and boat races are held at the end of November. The Angkor Festival is held at the end of July.


he official language of Cambodia is Khmer. Many Cambodians speak a dialect of French known as Cambodian French, and young people are increasingly proficient in English.


ambodia is subject to the southern monsoons that also bombard Thailand and Vietnam from May to November. No matter what the season, Cambodia is hot. The best time to go is in the dry season from December to April.


Fun Facts About Haiti

  • The cuisine of Haiti was influenced by French, African, and indigenous Taino foods.
  • Cap-Haitien, Haiti’s second largest city, has a Latin feel.It was once referred to as “the Paris of the Antilles.”
  • Popular musical styles in Haiti include kompa, twobadou, rasin, and kadans.
  • Labadee is a beautiful resort on Haiti’s northern coast.It features a flea market, waterpark, and gorgeous beaches.
  • Carnival festivities start a week or so before Easter Sunday.The three days of celebrating end on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.
  • The Parc National Historique La Citadelle is a mountaintop fortress completed in 1820 by over 20,000 workers.
  • The Iron Market is a center of activity in Port-au-Prince.A variety of products are sold there, including fruit, baskets, toys, and religious totems.
  • Etang Saumatre is Haiti’s largest saltwater lake.It is home to over 100 species of waterfowl, crocodiles, and flamingos.
  • Taptaps are public buses that run throughout Port-au-Prince.
  • Many of Haiti’s most beautiful beaches are along Rue 21, in the northwestern part of the country.
  • Merengue is the national dance of Haiti.
  • Flights between Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien will save you the 8-hour drive between the two cities.

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