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Calling From Germany

Calling to Germany

Making Calls while in Germany

Other Information about Long Distance Calling To/From Germany

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General Tips for Making Phone Calls within Germany

The German telephone system is highly advanced so just be sure to dial all the necessary codes. Remember to include the lead 0 in area codes when calling within the country.

Mobile phone calls within Germany

Mobile phone companies use the (0)15, (0)16, and (0)17 cellular prefixes. Additional digits are often added to increase the number of available numbers.

The current cellular codes are:

  • 015 Mobilfunk
  • 0151 Mobilfunk: reserved for T-Mobile
    • 01511 Mobilfunk: T-Mobile
    • 01515 Mobilfunk: T-Mobile
  • 0152 Mobilfunk: reserved for Vodafone
    • 01520 Mobilfunk: Vodafone
  • 0155 Mobilfunk: reserved for E-Plus 3G Luxb.
  • 0156 Mobilfunk: reserved for Mobilcom
    • 01566 Mobilfunk: Mobilcom
  • 0157 Mobilfunk: reserved for E-Plus
    • 01570 Mobilfunk: E-Plus
    • 01577 Mobilfunk: E-Plus
  • 0159 Mobilfunk: reserved for O2 Germany
  • 016 Mobilfunk, Bundelfunk, Funkmeldeempfanger
  • 0160 Mobilfunk: allocated to T-Mobile
  • 0162 Mobilfunk: allocated to Vodafone
  • 0163 Mobilfunk: allocated to E-Plus
  • 0164 Funkmeldeempfänger
  • 0166 Funkmeldeempfänger
  • 0167 Bündelfunknetze
    • 01672 Bündelfunknetz: Dolphin Telecom
  • 0168 Funkmeldeempfänger
  • 0169 Funkmeldeempfänger: Cityruf, Scall,
  • 017 Mobilfunk
  • 0170 Mobilfunk: T-Mobile
  • 0171 Mobilfunk: T-Mobile
  • 0172 Mobilfunk: Vodafone
  • 0173 Mobilfunk: Vodafone
  • 0174 Mobilfunk: Vodafone
  • 0175 Mobilfunk: T-Mobile
  • 0176 Mobilfunk: O2 Germany
  • 0177 Mobilfunk: E-Plus
  • 0178 Mobilfunk: E-Plus
  • 0179 Mobilfunk: O2 Germany

Receiving calls from abroad

Always drop the 0 that begins all area codes when calling from abroad.  For example,

  • +011-49-175-xxx-xxx for a call to a Mobilfunk or T-Mobile cellular phone

If calling a German land line from abroad, be sure to dial the area code for the city you are calling.  For example,

  • +011-49-30-xxx-xxxx for a call to Berlin

Other calls and numbers

Toll-free numbers in Germany begin with 0800 and are followed by a 7-digit number.  Germans generally refer to these numbers as “service numbers.”  The prefix 0801 is reserved for future toll-free use.
Some toll-free numbers are used for public service purposes.


  • 110 Police
  • 112 Fire or Ambulance


  • 11833 Directory Assistance
  • 00-1188 International Operator

Tips for Calling Internationally from Germany

If calling internationally from Germany, dial 01, followed by the country code, area code, and local number.

While in Germany, you can make local and long-distance calls from all post offices and coin-operated public telephone booths. Most public phones in the country require an advance-payment telephone card from Telekom, the German telephone company. You can purchase phone cards at post offices and newsstands. They range in price from $7.50-$31 U.S. Rates are measured in units, not minutes, and the number of units consumed depends upon the distance called. Avoid making calls through hotel switchboards; these can cost several times more than public phones.

Over 47 million Germans use the Internet, and access is fairly easy to find throughout the country. Cities and towns tend to have Internet cafes, and many hotels offer access to their guests.


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