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Calling From Costa Rica

Calling to Costa Rica

Making Calls while in Costa Rica

Other Information about Long Distance Calling To/From Costa Rica

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General Tips for Making Phone Calls within Costa Rica

Calling from within Costa Rica is fairly easy given the lack of area codes.

Mobile phone calls within Costa Rica

Calling a mobile phone in Costa Rica is no different from calling a land line. Simply dial the 7-digit mobile phone number.

Receiving calls from abroad

If calling a cell phone from abroad, include the country code.

  • +011-506--xxx-xxxx

Other calls and numbers

Toll-free numbers in Costa Rica begin with:

  • 0800-xxx-xxxx
  • 0800-xxxx-xxxx
  • 800-xxx-xxxx
  • 800-xxxx-xxxx

Keep in mind that toll-free numbers from the U.S. are not necessarily toll-free in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica also has several public service numbers, most of which are toll-free.


  • 911 All emergencies
  • 117 Police
  • 118 Fire


  • 113 Domestic Directory Assistance
  • 124 International Directory Assistance (this costs around 20 colones)

Tips for Calling Internationally from Costa Rica

Make sure to dial 00 first to call internationally from within Costa Rica.

A phone call in Costa Rica will cost around 10 colones (3?) per minute. Pay phones generally accept either calling cards or 5-, 10-, or 20-colon coins. However, coin-operated phones are increasingly hard to find. Calling cards can be found at newsstands, gift shops, and pharmacies. Keep in mind that there are several competing calling-card companies, and certain cards work only with certain phones. CHIP calling cards work with a computer chip and slide into specific phones, although these phones aren't widely available. Alternatives include the 197 and 199 calling cards, sold in varying denominations. These cards have a scratch-off PIN and can be used from any phone in the country. Generally, the 197 cards are sold in smaller denominations and are used for local calling, while the 199 cards are deemed international and are easier to find in larger denominations. You can use either card to make any call, as long as the card covers the cost. Hotels usually offer local calling services, though this can be expensive.

Internet cafes are easy to find in San Jose and at most major tourist destinations in Costa Rica. Rates typically range from $1 to $3 per hour. Your hotel may even have its own Internet cafe. An alternative is to buy prepaid cards in 5-, 10-, and 15-hour denominations to connect your laptop to the Web via a local phone call. You’ll need some understanding of how to configure your computer’s dial-up connection. Many supermarkets and drugstores around the country sell these cards. You can also contact Racsa, the state Internet monopoly, for specific locations (tel. 287-0087;


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