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Calling From Cambodia

Calling to Cambodia

Making Calls while in Cambodia

Other Information about Long Distance Calling To/From Cambodia

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General Tips for Making Phone Calls within Cambodia

Calling within Cambodia is simple. Just remember to include the area or cellular codes if you are calling long-distance. For domestic long-distance, always dial a 0 before the area code. Local calls are the easiest: just dial the 6-digit subscriber number.

Mobile phone calls within Cambodia

Cellular phones have 2-digit codes in place of area codes. These codes always begin with either 1 or 9: Remember to include a preliminary 0 for all domestic cellular calls.

  • 0-1x-xxx-xxx
  • 0-9x-xxx-xxx

Receiving calls from abroad

Be sure to include all the necessary codes for international calls to Cambodia:

  • +011-855-xx-xxx-xxx

Other calls and numbers

The following are toll-free numbers used for public services in Cambodia:

  • 117 Police (in Phnom Penh)
  • 119 Ambulance (in Phnom Penh)


  • 1200 Directory Assistance
  • 1215 Operator Assistance

Other toll-free numbers in Cambodia begin with 1800:

  • 1-800-xxx-xxx

Remember calling these numbers from outside of Cambodia will result in charges similar to other international calls.

Tips for Calling Internationally from Cambodia

Cambodia’s international access code is 001. To call internationally from Cambodia, dial that code, followed by the country code, area code, and subscriber number of the country you are trying to reach. e.g. For a call to Boston from Cambodia, dial 001-1-617-xxx-xxxx.

Post offices and Internet cafes rent time on direct lines. For local calls, visit one of the many street-side stalls that loan mobile phones. Avoid making calls from your hotel; rates are usually very high. Phone cards can make international calls much more affordable.

Affordable Internet phone service is available at Internet cafes in many cities, but service may be slow.


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