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Riyadh Phone Cards and Saudi Arabia Calling Cards

Recommended Phone Cards for Calling Riyadh

Asimon Phone Card
Low Rates Worldwide
Outstanding rates to Israel
1 minute rounding
No connection or service fees
PIN-less dialing
Call and Billing History online
Virtual Card
Mega Clean & Stable
Mega Clean & Stable Phone Card
Completely Clean
1 minute rounding
Stable Rates
Auto Recharge
Pinless dialing
Speed Dial
Call History
Billing History
Virtual Card

Other Great Riyadh,Saudi Arabia Phone Cards

  RatesConnection FeeService FeeMaintenance FeeRoundingFeaturesPriceMinutes 
  Asimon 3.3 ¢0.00 ¢No Service FeesNo Maintenance fee applies1 MinuteLocal Access 300 min
  Boss USA 3.8 ¢0.00 ¢No service feesA 69¢ maintenance fee applies second day after first completed call and every 14 days thereafter.1 MinuteLocal Access 260 min
  MI CUBANITA 5.0 ¢0.00 ¢No service feesNo maintenance fee applies1 MinuteLocal Access 200 min
  BHARAT 6.6 ¢0.00 ¢No service feesNo maintenance fee applies6 second rounding with a 30 second minimum call.Local Access 151 min
  Mega Clean & Stable 7.2 ¢0.00 ¢No service feesNo maintenance fee applies1 MinuteLocal Access 138 min


". . . Card name cannot be more descriptive than this: "Mega" referring to the amount of minutes that you get for a small price, "clean" referring to be clean from any other hidden charges that I always got with other cards. With all the good you also have automatic pin input feature so you don't have to memorize and type it in every time!! . . ."

Nashville, TN
". . .My wife and I have family and friends all over the world, and Union Telecard has made it easy and inexpensive to chat with them as much as we want! These phone cards have saved us so much money, and kept us connected to our loved ones. Thank you very much for providing this wonderful service! . . ."

Laguna Niguel, CA
". . .Great prices and even better quality. I have yet to find phone cards anywhere else that can even compare to what Union Telecard offers.. . ."

Bath NY

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