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". . . Union Telecard always brought me the best service and quality in phone cards. The rates are stable and there are no hidden fees. One minute is 60 seconds not 180 as some other calling cards. I am happy I use Union Telecard as my international phone card provider. . . ."

Boston, MA
". . .I have been using PT-1 Caribbean Works a product from Union Telecard for 3 years now. I have also introduced my close friends to this company and will also recommend it to anyone who wants the best. I know it is the best because while I have not stopped using this card I have also tried others and was not very impressed. It stops here at Union Telecard. . . ."

Wichita Falls, TX
". . .I call to Ukraine several times a day. I have used all the 'other' long distance providers’ cards before finding your web site. Not only are the calls better quality, but your prices are by far the lowest in the industry. With 'other' cards I found too many dropped calls and hidden fees, but didn't think I had any other choices. I like being able to log on, securely buy a card, and get an instant PIN. . . ."

Tacoma WA

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