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". . . Union Telecard has been my lifeline to my husband who was deployed to Iraq for the past year. I searched around for affordable calling cards and found this site to be the MOST affordable and easy to use, in fact I was skeptical when first using it but am so pleased that there was "no catch." Very good service and access numbers were never busy! Thank you for your invaluable service!!! . . ."

Philadelphia, NY
". . .Union Telecard has really saved me a lot of dollars. Before I discovered the website I was paying between $500 -$700 every month on my home phone. Union Telecard has really saved me a lot of dollars. I have cancelled my long distance plan and my phone bill is in the $30s now.. . ."

Summerville, SC
". . .There are really no surprises. If a card says "you have 37 minutes for this call", set your timer, and you'll be just fine. This beats a lot of other cards with false promises. Keep up the good work . . ."

Eastpointe, MI

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