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Mauritius Phone Cards and Calling Cards

Recommended Phone Cards for Calling Mauritius

Asimon Phone Card
Low Rates Worldwide
Outstanding rates to Israel
1 minute rounding
No connection or service fees
PIN-less dialing
Call and Billing History online
Virtual Card
Mega Clean & Stable
Mega Clean & Stable Phone Card
Completely Clean
1 minute rounding
Stable Rates
Auto Recharge
Pinless dialing
Speed Dial
Call History
Billing History
Virtual Card

Other Great Mauritius Phone Cards

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". . . Union Telecard calling cards give more minutes than any other phone cards, the card is easy to use, quick connection and very clear, I use all the time . . ."

Chapel Hill, NC
". . .I love using the Mega Clean and Stable card and the website is really easy to use. All the information I need to find for any calling card is available immediately and the prices are very competitive. I also like the option of hardwiring the pin to my phone number so I don't have to dial the pin all the time. It's what makes me coming back for more. . ."

Indio, CA
". . .Good prices on calling to Thailand with the Mega Clean and Stable card. . ."

Hayward, CA

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