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Egypt Flag

Egypt Phone Cards and Calling Cards

Recommended Phone Cards for Calling Egypt

Asimon Phone Card
Low Rates Worldwide
Outstanding rates to Israel
1 minute rounding
No connection or service fees
PIN-less dialing
Call and Billing History online
Virtual Card
Mega Clean & Stable
Mega Clean & Stable Phone Card
Completely Clean
1 minute rounding
Stable Rates
Auto Recharge
Pinless dialing
Speed Dial
Call History
Billing History
Virtual Card

Other Great Egypt Phone Cards

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". . . I have been a member of Union Telecard for more than 5 years now. I don’t think I want to leave ever. They have great quality products great competitive rates and very friendly customer support. I will highly recommend their products. . . ."

Fairbanks, Alaska
". . .I have found the "Remember Me" card more reliable than all other cards I have used in the past. Now I look for repurchase of the same card only because it is trouble free and it is reliable all the time. . . ."

Pittsburgh, PA
". . .Mega Clean and Stable is the best calling card that is available for calling India and the UK from USA. It has very clear and excellent voice quality. And the best thing about this card from Union Telecard is that the minutes never expire. Recharging is so easy and quick that it is done in a few seconds online. Also the same card can be used to call almost every country in the world from USA. . . ."

Jersey City, NJ

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